Bruno Mars "Brings the House Down" Honoring PRINCE at Grammy Awards

Bruno Mars not only rocked PRINCE'S iconic purple suit but he also delivered an outstanding performance of "Let's Go Crazy" and finished his tribute with an even crazier guitar solo!

As part of the tribute, Morris Day and The Time covered “Jungle Love” and “The Bird,” written by Prince. If you didn't know the connection between The Time and Prince, The Time was actually introduced to the world by Prince so this was a very important performance for The Time and of course Mars has said in the past that PRINCE was one of his major inspirations.

Crazy fun fact, PRINCE was actually my FIRST CONCERT. I was in 8th Grade and it was a school night and his stage setup was a larger than life bed with satin sheets and of course it was a sold out arena. One of the most amazing nights of my life, thanks to my parents!! haha :)

Check out the thrilling performance below!

Need to see that Guitar Solo and don't wanna wait? Check it out below!