A Letter to my readers

From a very young age, I struggled with my weight. Constantly bullied throughout my youth, I felt pressure from my peers and society to loose weight by over eating too little and at times not eating at all just to be "skinny." My body and soul were deprived from proper nutrition and nourishment. 


During my senior year of high school, while working as a Lead Stylist for Banana Republic in San Francisco, I fainted and collapsed onto the BART platform (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on my way home from work. After two weeks of not eating properly and relying on Redbull, Adderall (ADHD Medication) and Coffee for energy, my body was too weak and my organs were exhausted. 

The realization sunk. I finally realized I was torturing myself. Being healthy and staying fit should come from a place of self-love as opposed to self-hate. WHOIZBELLE initially stood for my middle name, Isabel. A few years ago, I started a music project and called it Izzy Belle. When I started my blog, I started thinking about how I want to help change the world and be a voice for other women who may have gone through eating disorders, depression, anxiety or body dismorphia. So I came up with a slogan for my blog which was, "Who is Beautiful? Everyone!" 

"whoizbelle - who is beautiful? everyone!"

I think the focus needs to shift from what size we are to how we feel, how healthy we are and how well we take care of ourselves. I am slowly starting to become educated on Nutrition, Wellness and Nourishment which fits into my healthy lifestyle. 


Fashion can fit into this healthy lifestyle. I started looking at Fashion as a way to express myself creatively instead of a way to seek validation from others. Authenticity will lead you to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I certainly didn't understand that before, but I do now and I'm here to say to you, Be Yourself. Be Bold, Be Simple, Be Quiet, Be Loud, Be Awkward, Be Organized, Be A Little Messy, Wear Pink, Dress Funky, Wear Black, Feel Foxy, but most of all be yourself.  


Whoizbelle spreads the message that through proper nutrition, nourishment, fitness, travel, socializing, networking, expressing yourself fashionably, taking care of your skin and doing what you love to do is very important. Find that balance so you can have fun and really empower yourself and most importantly, others, by spreading that feeling and sharing that empowerment, that positive energy, that encouragement, that upbeat attitude with others around you. Encourage one another.
Remember that your differences set you apart from herd. Happiness comes from within and the more you realize that you're not alone with the issues of anxiety, depression, body-image and so and so forth, the more you will start to realize that you're a rad human being and you will learn to accept yourself and love yourself completely! What makes you different, makes you beautiful!

Monica Isabel Neary