I Attended an INWARD MARCH Healing Breathwork Ceremony in Honor of Sisterhood and Solidarity


Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the WOMEN'S MARCH on Saturday and as a result, I had conflicting feelings ALL DAY YESTERDAY about not attending. I was thinking to myself, THIS IS PART OF HISTORY. I AM A WOMAN. I NEED TO BE INVOLVED. I WANT TO BE INVOLVED. THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING THAT REALLY HAS GREAT VALUE AND MOST OF ALL THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE MY VOICE IN UNITY WITH SO MANY OTHER WOMEN, CHILDREN AND MEN not only in New York City but across the country and all over the world.


Over 2 Million people marched in protest of Donald Trump's Presidency all around the world!! So if you're suffering from MAD FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for not being involved in an actual march in your city or if you're feeling less of a woman or blah blah blah...STOP!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in World History that we can celebrate and reflect upon!!! I didn't even realize that I was in fact still involved. I found another way to participate by joining in on a Yoga Class and a Breathwork Ceremony (specifically held in honor of the sisterhood and solidarity taking place all around the world) at a female empowerment hub in the disguise of a yoga and wellness studio called SHAKTIBARRE.

The journey to peace starts within ourselves. When we come together with one intention we awaken the wisdom and power within each other to make an active positive change in our world.
— Emily Mikaelah

The 12:30pm yoga class was led by one of the owners, Corinne Walker, who started the class with a few words related to the WOMEN'S MARCH and how we could honor those feelings during class while embracing the spirit of Shakti. Even though were were not in attendance with our sisters marching to the Trump Tower, we were absolutely there in spirit. During sun salutations, instead of moving directly through a plank into Chaturanga, we paused during the plank position and marched with our feet, holding that position in solidarity and then inhale, exhale, Chaturanga Dandasana, inhale up into upward facing dog and exhale into downward facing dog. We did this together and that's what made it so special. We empowered each other to embrace trust, love, hope and forgiveness.

Shortly after around 2:00pm, I joined in on a passion packed Breathwork Ceremony led by Emily Mikaelah of Helios + Solene. The ceremony lasted a little over 2 hours.

W. Why was the ceremony held?
E. To merge forces as a community to hold space for the deep rooted healing our country needs right now.

W. What is a Breathwork Ceremony?
E. A Breathwork Ceremony is powerful guided experiential journey that begins with a three step active breathing technique. This method activates the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body to experience a spiritual journey. The breath allows spirit to move through you assisting in not only releasing stagnant energetic blockages but filling the client with deep rooted healing and self love. These blockages may be caused by trauma, past life or ancestral karmic events, abuse, fear, depression, self inhibitions, and more.

Emily led the ceremony in front of an altar decorated with long stem pink roses, yellow daises flowers, candles and meditation music. The first few hours were very intense. Emily started the ceremony by teaching me how to practice a three-step rhythmic breathing technique to exercise three of my chakras: my Svadhisthana also known as my Sacral Chakra, my Manipura also know as my Solar Plexus Chakra, and my Anahata also known as my Heart Chakra. Through this rhythmic breathing exercise, I was working on my ego and becoming more grounded with mother nature. The third chakra, Manipura, the core of my ego, personality, identity and the core of my self-esteem, willpower, self-discipline and warmth in my personality was the focus on this ceremony. 

The experience was indeed therapeutic, empowering, deeply relaxing, and TOTALLY psychedelic. At one point, I lost feeling in my legs and kept going in and out of consciousness surrounded by sound, aromatherapy, and positive affirmations. A % of the proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood.

Emily Mikaelah is a Brooklyn based energy healer and founder of Helios + Solene. Throughout her practice she has trained in the fields of Breathwork, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Crystal Healing. She founded Helios + Solene to create a safe and nurturing space for people to break through energetic blocks and traumas and start living their truth through a more peaceful and fulfilling life. She holds workshops throughout NYC at different studios sharing her practice with the community through group classes and one-on-one private sessions.

For more info please visit: www.heliosandsolene.com
To be involved with an event at SHAKTIBARRE please visit: www.shaktibarre.com