Fitness Diary: Commitment, Focus & The Breath


Living in such a wild jungle of a city like New York, where everything is always fast paced and switched on, I often forget to make time for myself. I have to remind myself to slow down and take a moment to breathe, notice the little things and start each day by making a small commitment to myself and the day ahead of me. 

I didn't realize until I started practicing YOGA, that something that happens so subconsciously like breathing could effect the way that I deal with everything in my life. As of my first class at Shaktibarre, I started paying more attention to my breathing in stressful situations. When I'm stressed out, its like I forget to breath like i'm holding my breath in and holding my chest up and tight. I associate this feeling or similar process to working out. When I get back to working out after taking a few days off (life can get in the way sometimes), I often feel the same tightening in my chest but I've come to the conclusion that this is all in my head. 

When my mind starts telling me that I can't do something, I start to focus on my breathing again. I realized that when I put myself in a 'stressful'  situation, I have a tendency to hold my breath instead of keeping the same breath throughout the workout (whether it be running, Yoga, or Pilates). Yesterday, I took my first abs workout class at Shaktibarre and my main focus during this session was holding in my stomach which also took a focus on commitment. 

Commitment. Over-commitment. Uncommitted. I feel like its absolutely natural to experience all three. However, there are certain things that I can do in my every day life to make sure that I don't over-commit myself, I stay committed to the right things and that I don't have a lack of commitment where commitment is expected and needed of me. 

During yesterday's abs and SHAKTIBARRE sessions, I tried to stay committed to each work out without giving up in between each sequence. What I took away from yesterday's session was that even something so small and effortless can actually be extremely important and effective and valuable! I had to completely commit to keeping my back up off the floor while grabbing behind my knees with my elbows as my lower back and butt were still touching the floor all while making sure I was using my stomach muscles to do this motion repeatedly about 10 times and even though it was hard, I tried my best to stick through it. If I felt like I couldn't quite do it, I tried not to stop and to make slight modifications. 

The point to take from this experience is to never give up. DO NOT STOP. Work hard because you know your worth and you know you can do it. The integrity behind everything that we do is so important and when I say I will commit to something, I will earn trust and respect when the commitment is followed through just like when I work out. I will honor myself and my commitment to follow through even when it seems difficult.