The Best Brunch on Bedford

Photograph by Rachel Golden

Hey Readers!

I am super excited to start this new segment on my blog called, "SHE EATS!" featuring articles about recipes, restaurants I visit, nutrition tips and advice, or just straight up really cool foodie content.

For my first article of this new segment, I am sharing my LOVELY experience dining at The Bedford on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lucky for me, I was able to try some of the owner's favorite dishes on the menu! 

The rustic, yet modern and spacious restaurant is located in the heart of the Burg, which is Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for those of you reading this whom are not local. Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn's hot new neighborhoods and booming with culture. They also own the speak easy located in the back of the restaurant which serves will to those looking to host a small social event or family gathering. 

FUN FACT: The owners source some of their ingredients from local farms which is super unique and they even grow their own Melrose Peppers on the roof a music studio (also owned the by the same owners of The Bedford) for their Italian Beef Sandwich. You can't get more Williamsburg than that, can you? Yum!

Yes, you avocado lovers, The Bedford makes a rad avocado toast! No shortage of avocados here, New Yorkers! (Pictured below) 

Alright, let's cut to the chase. Here are some great photographs taken by the ever so lovely Rachel Golden. (Special thanks to Thomas) 


On the Menu

Pumpkin Soup (Special o/the Day) 
w/pumpkin seeds and melted butter drizzled on top 

Avocado Toast!
w/Charred Sourdough,  Lime and Sea Salt

Mint Julep Creme Brulee
w/Bourbon *an ode to the well known cocktail  

The Breakfast Burrito
w/house-made chorizo, eggs, potatoes, salsa verde, & mixed greens

French Toast Frittas
stuffed w/Nutella, raspberry & currant jam