A Letter to You

Hi readers!

I'm so happy to share my new food segment on my blog called "SHE EATS!" which will be featuring local restaurant reviews as well as nutrition and health tips I come across. I came up with the name to help tell my story. Ever since I was very young, I battled with proper diet and nutrition, body insecurities and eating disorders. My weight has always been something that I have personally battled with my entire life, especially as a teenager. 

What got me on track? Proper daily exercise, portion control and knowledge of quality nutrition for my body type. Eating is important! There is no need to starve yourself! So, as a body activist, I say, its okay for you to eat. Educate yourself on proper nutrition and find a workout routine that works for you, because everyone is different. Oh and if you want a great brunch recommendation in the Burg, then read my new article, SHE EATS! brunch at The Bedford, which will be published on my blog tomorrow! I go on about the amazing spectacular yummy brunch I had at The Bedford on Bedford Avenue. One of the Burg's hottest spots for foodies. 

Have a great week :) Talk soon!