5 Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

Written by Rachel Golden

Did the date creep on you? Did you plan something and it fell through? Or did you just plain forget? Don't worry! I am here to help and make sure you have a fun, romantic, dorky, and inexpensive Valentine’s Day with your bae.

Valentine’s Day has become the definition of a Hallmark event, but does it have to be so cheesy and borderline rom-com movie esqe? NO! Make Valentine’s day your own this year with new and creative date ideas for the unique and questionable couple. If I weren’t single, I’d be doing one of the below or simply watch a movie on the couch with my bottle of wine and dog, same thing right?

1.  Movie at Syndicated

This beautiful building, tucked away hidden in Bushwhick, sets you back a whole $2-3 for vintage throwbacks or cult classic movies along the big screen. Make it a full night and order from their array of dinner date treats that will be served to you while you watch the movie! The night doesn’t have to end at the movie, so take a seat at their full stocked bar and have an amazing craft cocktail whipped up in front of you for a nightcap.


2. Jane’s Carousel

Find your inner youth with child behavior by taking a nice stroll through the Brooklyn Bridge Park and a whimsical ride on a carousel. The view is breath taking overlooking the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges all while riding a nearly 100 year old hand painted carousel. So do it at dusk and you are sure to have her eyes melt witnessing the beauty of the city fall asleep. After you are done you have numerous other attractions to attend to keep the youth flare alive or bring out the indulgent adulthood. Grab a scoop at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or a drink under the Brooklyn Bridge. No matter which direction you go, you are bound to have a romantic evening, simple as that.


3. Cupid’s Undie Run

Cupid’s Undie Run is a 1 mile fun run in your undies! It also warms your heart because you will be benefiting Children’s Tumor Foundation and neurofibromatosis research. Celebrate your love for one another while protecting lives, this sounds like the type of celebration I’d like to be a part of. Register today at www.cupidsundierun.org and start your new year of love by saving children’s lives. Remember though, this is for the kids so think acceptable indie attire. It’s also cold outside, so I’d keep that in mind when choosing too.

Photo: www.zagat.com

4. Stumptown Coffee Tasting

We all know how important a cup of coffee is in the morning, but how much do you know about it really? Stumptown is some of the best coffee around and every Tuesday at 10am they have public coffee tastings in their shop! And by golly guess what? Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday! Take your loved one out for some of the best coffee at a public tasting and continue the conversation afterwards in their adorable Greenwich Village shop. Make it a perfect ending by taking her through a nice stroll in Washington Square Park.


5. Get Boozy at Butter & Scotch

Milkshakes? Check!
Booze? Check!
Cute theme? Check! 

Basically, Butter & Scotch is all these things in one. It’s a quirky environment with nothing shy of an Instagram dream. Created by two badass babes, this is the place to take the strongest woman in your life for a night of sweet drinks and even sweeter baked treats. That is sure fire way to tell them they mean the world to you. Even better, every drink from their Winter of Woman collection, they will donate $1 to Planned Parenthood. Drinking for a good cause? We like it.

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