Tech: New App From Japan

This summer I had breakfast with Yosuke Masco (the US expansion manager of global business development for WEAR) at Sarabeth's Restaurant in Central Park South. WEAR is a new street-style fashion app giving Instagram a run for its money with its relationship to the fashion industry, strictly dedicated and marketed towards up and coming stylists, bloggers and designers. 

Originally from Japan, the app was designed to be a platform for these up-and-comers to create more opportunities for them; such media/press features in Refinery29, Vogue, Teen Vogue, W Magazine, and The New York Times. The best part? Its FREE

Basically, how it works, is that each day WEAR curates hashtag contests based on current and future trends for each day of the month. The top winners who enter each hashtag contest win a feature in the magazine or newspaper curating that specific contest.

This is a great way for stylists and bloggers to showcase their talents and promote their brands (for free) through online social media! Unlike Instagram, each user has the ability to really be showcased specifically in Asia. Instagram is worldwide, yes, but WEAR has over 7,000+ outfits uploaded daily from users based in Asia, not counting the US.

Also, for the featured retail brands, corporate can search within the app, to see who is buying their clothes and how they are wearing them. Another great form of market research. 

A week ago, I received an email from the WEAR USA team explaining to me that one of the photographs from my blog (by Sole Hernandez) was going to be featured in a campaign for WEAR USA in The New York Times, the following week! 

I even recommended my blogger friend, Alley Girl, to use it and she already has over 4,000 followers! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to tap into a different market and expand their brand to a new audience.