The New Subscription Every Techie is Obsessing Over

I recently signed up to Rent The Runway's Unlimited Subscription to fashion. Essentially 50% of my current wardrobe in now "in the cloud," via Rent the Runway. What does this mean? This means that I now have access to over 240,000 designer garments and accessories valued up to $2,000 for only $139.00 a month! (with tax its about 150) Anyway, its pretty amazing. I save time in the morning because I already know what I'm going to wear and I'm picking statement pieces that work with current wardrobe.

I'm shopping my current wardrobe for the first time in what might be forever (shopping my mother's closet in high school does not count) and it feels great. I was spending so much money on contemporary clothing, trying to keep up with all of the different trends and seasons in the fast fashion world.

Now, I get to shop real trends right off the runway and I can keep them for an unlimited amount of time until I'm ready to switch each piece out for a different one when the time is right.  I'm the type of woman who needs to cut costs , save time and feel confident in what i'm wearing to help me start my day with a bang.

They recently launched a new beta subscription called Unlimited PLUS which allows new subscribers to choose up to 4 or 5 pieces instead of 3. If you sign up now, you get 20% off which is freakin awesome, right?

RTR empowers women across the globe whether you need to upgrade your every day wardrobe or need a gown or dress for a particular event, they've got you covered. I'm very excited about this newfound gem and I hope you get to try them at some point. They have showrooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. I highly suggest making an appointment with a stylist online. 

Even though I do not work in the tech industry, I am absolutely am a "techie." Meaning, I have an iPhone and I use apps for almost everything, I subscribe to Netflix, I use Uber and I am a repeat client of both Drybar (when in San Francisco) and Amika (when in NYC). I love the ability to control the days ahead and plan out my week. The future is female and rent the runway is going to be your new best friend for everything fashion. 

For more on the Unlimited subscription click here.