The Edit: Pretty in Pink

For this outfit, I was inspired by Gwen Stefani, Zenon (Super Nova Girl), Legally Blonde and most importantly feminism and equality.

In my research,  I found that the color pink has often been interpreted as or a symbol of femininity and hope. Softer shades of pink have been associated with a state of calm, relaxing and more so than often anything feminine which I guess you could say started during one's childhood. When I was a young girl most of my toys were pink and the boy's toys were blue, which would explain why I associate pink with femininity.

According to some, pink is positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings giving people a sense that everything will be okay. Color Psychology has also been very popular with branding, however the interpretation of any color is based on personal preference and background.

There has been research showing that vibrant and darker shades of pink were considered to be more stimulating and even aggravating.

In this case, I'd associate these shades of pink with feminism and equality. I associate pink as a sign of hope as well as loving, nurturing and calm. A vibrant pink is also more stimulating and slightly more angry than a calm pastel pink...which is fair because I am livid with our current state of democracy, however I'm trying my best to keep spreading love and light with those around me.

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