How To Style a Statement Jacket Three Ways

Photography by Harley Rayner

For my lifestyle, I need three different ways to wear every statement piece I buy. In this post, I showcase how to style one statement piece three ways with garments from my current wardrobe: Work, Going Out & The Weekend. For this post, I am showing you how I styled the Leia Satin-Ruffle Bomber Jacket by Cinq a Sept.  You can rent this $525.00 jacket for $90 for four days via RENT THE RUNWAY or sign up to their Unlimited Subscription and pay $139 a month ($150 with tax) and essentially rent this bomber for as long as you wish. Your monthly subscription covers dry cleaning once you've sent it back in and anything beyond repair, so as long as you don't loose or burn the garment, you're good to go! You are allowed to rent 3 items for the Unlimited Subscription. Once you return one item, your que will instantaneously open up and you can rent your next item right away so as long as its available in your size. For more on this program click here. 

1. Wear to Work - modest, polished and professional

2. Going Out - elevated, fun and chic 

3. Wear for the Weekend - casual, comfortable and contemporary