Bohemian Style: Suede, Silk & Beachey Waves

Last week, Sole Hernandez (a professional fashion photographer from Argentina) and I went on an impromptu photo-shoot in my current neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We had our hair done by Jasmine at Amika Salon (Style + Blow Out Bar) on Wythe Avenue. 

There is something about this city after rainfall that photographs so beautifully. In the summertime, because of the heat and the humidity, the city starts to smell because of the garbage on the street but after rainfall, the air is clean and the asphalt has darkened while the trees have become more vibrant green. The little nature we have in Williamsburg begins to flourish and everything is covered with dew, like the vespa I'm leaning on in the photos below for this shoot. For once, there is a moment of peace. 

We were going to stop shooting because we weren't sure if the rain would lift. My friend Rachel Golden reminded me that it would pass shortly, as all rainfall does in New York City, so we decided to hide under a doorway's shelter for a few moments, as the rain passed; something you might see locals often do if you plan to visit NYC. The way the sunlight seeped through the clouds in the sky was breathtaking that day. 

The vespa in the photographs reminds me of my time spent in Paris, France and instantly I was day-dreaming of a baguette.

NOTE: All photographs were shot in natural light. Sole Hernandez has an amazing eye and a true gift for photography. Check out her website here. 


Don't be afraid to throw in a pattern once in a while. Try trends that work for you and make them your own by styling them your own way. 


Photograph by Sole Hernandez. Bodysuit Top, Zara, Suede Leather Skirt, Topshop, Lingerie, Urban Outfitters, Accessories, Lent by Sole Hernandez