The Best Spray Tan in Manhattan


Last Wednesday, I really needed a tan before a last minute shoot on Friday morning and I was running out of options because it was getting late and my favorite local spot Sweetheart Tan was already closed. Oh no! Luckily, Sugared + Bronzed is open until 10:00pm*, so I booked my appointment asap and luckily they had an opening. Phew! 

After my Ayurveda 6 Week Winter Program at Shaktibarre finished at 9:00pm, I took the L Train into Manhattan and got off at Union Square - 14th Street. My commute from the train station was quick and easy and I was greeted by their hostess at ease and with a smile, offered lemon water or hot tea while I checked in for my appointment in the lounge/waiting area/front lobby which featured an aromatic humidifier that smelled of peppermint. This made for a very relaxing first impression. 

When my name was called I was brought to my room where I were to get undressed and prep myself for the spray tanning. One thing was very worrying to me, I had a hair color appointment at Cutler Salon in the morning and I didn't want it to effect my spray tan. Luckily, I was advised that this wouldn't be a problem, as long as they knew of my tan and didn't scrub off any water drops from my face. Apparently the key to keeping a spray tan is to PAT your body dry after taking your first shower, NOT SCRUB. Never Scrub. Just Pat. 

I have to say, with this being my second time ever getting a spray tan, I'm still not used to taking off all of my clothes and standing in front of another human being (even though she was a woman) in my birthday suite. However, the girls there made me feel totally comfortable and it was over before I knew it! Bam, done! 

QUICK TIP: Do not wear tight fit clothing to and from the tanning salon. This can cause some of the tan to rub off. In the winter, this is exceptionally difficult - especially if you are taking the train - like me! So, I put on a pair of baggy leggings and they worked perfectly. I just took them off as soon as I got home.

I was told to wait 3 hours before I took my first shower. After my time was up, I hopped in the bath and rinsed off with JUST WATER. Do not use soap for the first shower. Quick Tip: Very normal to see a lot of the color come off after the first wash, no worries, that is supposed to happen :) 

My tan lasted a good week with consistent showering and I can't wait to see the photos from my shoot! Until then, I have a few photos of my before and after. 

FUN FACT: S+B Solution is made with the highest quality DHA that is derived from organic sugar beets and sugar cane instead of beta-carotene (carrot extract). This guarantees that your tan will be golden brown.