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Photograph by Rachel Golden

Photograph by Rachel Golden


RITUALS has recently launched their new makeup collection and it has everyone talking. Well, maybe not everyone, but I certainly am obsessed! Wanna know why? Well, all of their makeup is paraben and sls (sodium lauryl sulfate) free which is really nice because this means the products are a little more natural. They still use some man-made ingredients, as they are a luxury brand and the cosmetics team really wanted to make sure the colour of the eye makeup, lipstick, lip glosses and lip stains stick and lasts for hours without the need to re-apply. I am actually wearing RITUALS Lip Shine in Golden Beige. They offer both a Lip Stain and Lip Shine. The Lip Stain is more of a wet and glossier look with tons of glitter (perfect for the holidays) and the Lip Shine is more like a lip tint and doubles as a moisturizer which is great when you're running around the city and want a more natural look and subtle glow. 

What I like about their new makeup collection is the thought process behind their creative director. The new collection still goes with the RITUALS brand and theme of the store. RITUALS is all based around different ancient Asian traditions. For example, the glitter makeup product were inspired by ancient Asian traditions; they used to make makeup by crushing gem stones such as sapphires and emeralds. 

FUN FACT: Vitamins A, B and E are also key ingredients in the makeup and skincare products so that they are benefiting the skin and their nail polish is aluminum free!




RITUALS has seven different spa treatment collections. I have never, ever, ever felt my skin as smooth and hydrated as the day I tried the Ritual of Light Spa Treatment. My hands were silky smooth and smelled like heaven with hints of sweet orange and cinnamon. For this particular collection, inspiration was drawn from ancient light ceremonies around the world. I don't know about, but my skin gets SUPER dry during the winter. The Holiday collection includes a Body Scrub, Shower Foam, Body Cream and Bath Foam which makes for the perfect dry skin remedy routine! 

Inspired by ancient light ceremonies around the world we introduce The Ritual of Light. A ritual that helps you slow down and soothe your soul by the light of a flickering flame. To inspire you to shine a light on your compassion, kindness and love. A ritual of reflection, of what you can mean for others, how you can give light to the world in every possible sense. Give light to others in times of darkness. Because it is in light that we find growth; both physical and spiritual. It’s your light that lights the world.




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Photographer: Rachel Golden

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